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Karl zu Ortenburg
" Would You Like Me To Design
A Custom Marketing Automation Solution For You, Free?"
"... Automating Your Marketing, Lead Generation and Conversion!”

But Why Would You Need This Automation Anyway?
See the National Sales Executive Association Figures below:
Dear Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Manager,

I’ve set aside some time for my office to design a marketing - lead generation & conversion automation solution for you, personally.

I’ll meet with you live, using telephone or Skype and literally design a customized marketing automation campaign specifically for your business.

Once it’s designed, we’ll then build you a blueprint and a process map of it so you’ll be able to deploy it at will. 
Here’s How It Works:
We start even before we meet: We analyze your target market, your ideal clients, spy on your competitors, and go through your sales process online as if we were a potential prospect.
Then We Meet, One-On-One.
Ideally, we do it using, so I can show you my screen as we design your campaign (and build your blueprint).

Everything is done custom and is built for your business after we’ve had a chance to ask you about:
  • what you want to achieve,
  • your sales goals,
  • your sales process,
  •  your branding strategy.
We would also like to discuss questions such as with you:
  •  What difference would it make for your business  when you start using Automated Marketing, l Lead Generation and Conversion successfully?
  •  What will you be able to do that you can't do now?
  •  What do you think will be the three greatest impacts f or you and your business as a result of this automation project's success?
  •  etc.
There Is No Charge For This and There Is No Catch.

Which of course makes you wonder, “Why in the world would we do all this work for FREE”?

Well, it’s simple, really: this is why clients want us to do their automation.

A good percentage of the people we do this for is asking us to automate their marketing and lead conversion for them.

When that happens, my team and I build the web pages, the follow-up campaigns, set up reporting and implement automation and other software for the client.

So that’s my motivation for offering you an entire marketing automation and lead conversion campaign.

And there won't be any “Sales Pitch”.

First of all, you will not get any pressure whatsoever to become a client because we let the value of the work speak for itself: The campaign we design for you, for free, will be transformational for your business.

You’ll see.

But hey anyone could say that, couldn’t they?

Which is why I’d like to make you this promise:

I’ll Give You $200.00
If You Don’t Like It.

If you tell me that we’ve wasted your time during our conversation, I’ll give you $200.00 to compensate you for the hour or so we spend together.

There’s no “fine print” here. No “catch”.

The bottom line is, we’ll design you an amazing automation campaign for free and we’ll even give you a blueprint of it so you can deploy it, instantly.

After that, you might want to become a client. Or not. No pressure. And if you think I wasted your time, I’ll even give you $200.00 

Speak to you soon,

Karl zu Ortenburg
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