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Marketing Automation
Become the Go-To-Authority In Your Market
and Stay On The Agenda Of Your Ideal Customers
We Publish For You, Twice A Week,
Or If You Prefer, Every Day  
And Attract Quality Leads For Your Business.
Get Top Leads From Social Media and Google to Your Website!
Did you know that CONTINUOUS, highly relevant, quality texts and videos published on social media, Google, YouTube, your website and your e-mail list, can increase traffic that buys, to your website, by 50% to 100%?

The amount of Money You Earn, is in direct proportion to the Number of Offers you make. As they say: "Publish or Perish."

As this is probably something you are aware of why aren't you already publishing continuously?

Simply because content marketing done manually takes quite some time: Writing daily and weekly content or hiring writers that need to be managed, articles that need to be check for quality, videos that need to be produced, content pieces that need to get distributed, day-by-day and week-by-week ...

We have tried to do this manually, and so have a lot of other online marketing experts. Continually publishing, even with a team, takes time and isn’t cheap either. This is true, even for shorter versions of content, such as article summaries like the one below:

The post above consists of a summary of an article, including important key points from the article, a quote and a link to the source article. 

To write this kind of content yourself, on a consistent basis, simply takes time. 

It just isn’t a match for a content publishing system that needs your input for only about 20 to 30 minutes a week in total!

See what it takes to get such a summary written by a human writer and the automated process to check the quality and to get it ready for posting:

The flow chart above shows the process for just one piece of content, a summary of an article. We use other pieces such as long form content, video summaries and transcripts, video clips, infographics, motion graphics, etc. too. For every piece of content we use a proven process to get the content written, produced, checked for quality and distributed.

This content gets distributed to your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (for B2B), your blog and a weekly digest email to your list. 

The content is relevant and helpful to your target audience, your ideal clients, creating trust with prospects that have never even heard of you, thus expanding the reach of your brand.

These pieces of content introduce new potential clients to your brand and your offers, as well as keep you on their minds for the time when they have seen enough to start engaging with you and starting to purchase your products and services.

When your publishing machine is running - on autopilot for you - it also generates feedback on what what kind of content works best for what prospects. We use this feedback to grow your audience of ideal clients with various methods, e.g. by 'boosting' successful pieces of content on Facebook. 
Most potential customers do not buy on their first visit to your site. 

That is a lot of visitors unless you are a very well known brand such as Apple, Nike, Microsoft, etc. 

Retargeting brings them back, once they left your site, so we retarget those who have shown sufficient interest in what you have to offer.
You can easily check for yourself how much of your investment in online marketing - visitors to your website - you are losing on a daily basis: just check your 'Bounce Rate' in Google analytics.

The industry standard is 40 percent of all traffic! Check whether you are above or below that average.
We are using this and other data from your website, your social media accounts and your email list to grow your target audience on social media and on Google.
With the 'done-for-You' Leads Driver System,  
we write Texts, write Books, produce Videos, 
send all to Social Media, post it on your 
Blog and Mail it to your Email list.
We do this for you:
  •  develop and set up your Lead Generation System
  •  provide all technical and marketing setup
  •  write (email) copy
  •  optimize your engagement optimized WordPress blog
  •  publish continuously to your site, increase traffic from Google
  •  choose the topic and create the content
  •  post the content to your blog
  •  boost post on Facebook
  •  manage
  •  monitor and
  •  optimize your Lead Generation System.
  •  So you can enjoy your time and business!
What The System Does For You:
  •  Broaden your reach on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  •  Increase organic traffic to your website
  •  Get more email subscribers
  •  Improve the responsiveness of your email list
  •  Grow the strength of your brand
  •  Reduce your cost of leads and sales
  •  Add revenue to your bottom line
  •  Bring potential customers back to your website
Automate Your Marketing
To Get You A Continuous Flow Of Leads

A. We Set Up (almost) Everything For You

It usually just takes about an hour of your time to get us all the information we need to setup your new automated Lead Generation System.  We then develop and roll out your Lead Generation System over a period of three months, that’s it.

B. Managing Your Lead Generation System For You

We run it all!  We choose the topic, create the content, post it to your blog, boost it on social, and manage your paid promotions on Facebook. We suggest and you set your Facebook budget we assign. We design, run, monitor, test and optimize all Facebook ads for you. So you don’t have to touch those ads ever if you don’t want to.

C. Reporting Your Success Plus

We show you campaign results so you can let us know how fast you want to grow your business. We provide weekly updates and answer your questions. Every month you also have a one-on-one online session with your personal account manager to review performance, answer any further questions, and discuss any recommended improvements.
See below what the automated promotion part of your system could look like and don’t worry, it’s just like driving your car:
You use it but do not need to understand how all the parts of the system work together.
Don’t worry this is only to give you an idea of what kind of processes are involved in your system, no need to learn any of this!

Now, even with the best lead generation automation system it will take some time for potential customers to knock on your door. Simply because for outstanding results, your target audience wants to see content from you several times before they engage

Professional lead nurturing just takes time and the effects of the strategies we use in your niche, with your products, your website etc. need to be seen, tested and optimized over a period of time to work best.

Well, at this point you might say that with paid traffic from Google you will see results earlier: you are probably right since it simply takes some time for your lead generation system to ‘prime the pump’ before delivering the leads and customers. However, you will be able to use your lead generation system almost forever once it is up and running, whereas the minute you stop paying for your PPC ads, any traffic to your site stops! 

The return on your investment (ROI) in publishing content becomes far better than any ROI on paid Google advertising.
What you will get with a content publishing system:
What you will get additionally, with the Leads Driver content publishing system:
Market research done, defining your ideal customer.
Wordpress blog optimized for engagement, with lifetime licenses to premium plugins.
Updates across the 3 major social media platforms. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
Paid Facebook weekly boosting of your most successful posts.
Weekly ‘digest’ emails in a mobile responsive format
Continuous monitoring and managing of the LDS system with success reports.
Video clips produced to use on social media, YouTube and other promotions.
Content written by expert writers, distributed automatically.
Unique, texts and videos, relevant to your sector.
Varied content in volume.
Blog, social media and e-mail posts every week.
Developed and executed on autopilot for you.
Long form – full length content optionally.
Hosted on Amazon, nothing to download.
No article editing or reviewing needed, all done by us.
Monthly virtual meetings to discuss results and strategy.
Producing promotional video clips alone takes quite some time but we can do that for you, too. 
Videos like the ones on the screenshot below:
We also can get video summaries done for you. See an example of a summary of a video below:
We use these videos to post them to your social media accounts and groups and ideally get them ranked on Google for your search-terms like these:
Do You Want To Get Leads
Automatically Every Month...
With A
That You Don't Have To Touch?
How to Get Leads Automatically With The Lead Gen System!
See below how we set up the system and run it for you over the months:
Month 1: Lead Gen Funnel Set-Up and Campaign Start
This is What We Do For You:
  •  Discuss with you and define your ideal target client.
  •  Set up your first two campaigns:
  •  Attract Prospects, raise awareness
  •  'Educate' leads
  •  Research relevant sources of content to attract your target audience.
  •  Set up and start the content promotion engine.
  •  Distribute funnel content to your social media pages.
  •  Get content creation and publishing engine ready for month two.
  •  Consult with you to make sure your blog is ready for the content.
Month 2: Start the Publishing Engine
This is What We Do For You:
  •  Continue to run and manage the campaigns set up in the first month.
  •  Set up two additional funnel campaigns:
  •  'Indoctrinate' Leads (accepting your set of beliefs)
  •  Persuade to take Action
  •  Test, adjust and reallocate Facebook ads budget.
  •  Monitor and review tracking in Google Analytics.
  •  Create custom CTAs (opt-in etc.) to capture your audience.
  •  Create and publish one blog post every week.
  •  Syndicate blog posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Month 3: Email Campaign
This is What We Do For You:
  •  Continue to run, monitor and manage four campaigns.
  •  Set up a new campaign to create an email subscriber list on Facebook.
  •  Test, adjust and reallocate Facebook ads budget to fund the new email campaign.
  •  Start testing new and modified target audiences.
  •  Create, write and send a nurturing email to leads each week.
  •  Boost the weekly digest email to your email subscriber audience.
Month 4: Continue
This is What We Do For You:
  •  Continue to run, monitor and manage all five campaigns previously set up.
  •  Provide ongoing reporting on progress to you.
  •  Recommend changes in Facebook spend where appropriate.
  •  Adjust Facebook campaign allocations monthly.
  •  Quarterly planning meeting via phone and screen-share for reviews.
It’s Easy to get started 
in Getting Business Leads Automatically
To get started, just invest a low amount for your first month. You will get billed monthly thereafter to complete your 90-day Lead Generation System setup period. In months four and beyond we will automatically rebill just the low monthly fee for the complete, Lead Generation System marketing service.

For your Leads Driver System to work best and show top results and ROI, we suggest at least a minimum period of three months as:
  •  Your target audience will need to be contacted several times (industry average is 7 times) before they engage.
  •  Professional lead nurturing just takes some time.
  •  The effects of the strategies we use in Your niche, with Your products, Your website etc. need to be seen, tested and optimized over a period of time to work best.
Leads Driver System
Lead Generation System Options
Please click the button below. It will direct you to a short questionnaire.
We would like you to answer the questions so we get to know your business.
This will help us to prepare for a conversation with you.
Need more information? Call Us: US: 646-400-6640,
UK: 020-3318-3200, D: 089-83-999-089
Terms and Conditions

Please understand that we require an initial term of 3 months since it will take time to 'warm' up cold leads, potential customers, that might not have heard from you before. 

Your investment is a low monthly fee. At the end of 90 days, if you decide to get more business leads, we will continue to bill you each month and continue to run all campaigns for you, driving more leads to your website. We do not ask for any long term contracts since we understand that you might want to see the benefits first: you can cancel anytime (after the initial three months) with only a 30 days notice. 

You are in full control of your Facebook budget which you fund on a monthly basis! On the basis of testing, monitoring and optimizing your campaigns, we offer our recommendations and will manage your Facebook ads campaign budget. Each campaign requires a minimum budget of $5/day. You fund the Facebook ads budget for your campaigns. We will allocate that budget to the campaigns, subject to your approval. However, if you are in the B2B you might not want to start with posting and advertising on Facebook and the choice is yours entirely. We can discuss and find out whether any Facebook advertising could be profitable for you at a later stage.

If you are interested in getting a fully managed Lead Generation system, send us an email to customer-service[at]a-m-i-ltd.com or click on the 'Click Here To Learn More' buttons. 

Thank you.  

Karl zu Ortenburg
Done For You:
The Leads Driver System!
"We develop, set up, write copy,
manage, monitor and optimize your
Lead Generation System for you.
So You Can Run And Enjoy Your Business."
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